Natilus and Ottermatics join forces by Aleksey Matyushev

Natilus is a large (half the size of a Boeing 747) sized drone.  It is the first drone in the world designed to carry any worthwhile cargo.    The 120 ft wingspan drone has been designed with Ottermatics help to carry 200,000 lbs of payload from Shangai to LA at 300 mph, 80 ft above the water and 70% of the cost of a Boeing 747 making the same trip. 

Natilus is designed to circumvent any FAA regulations by taking off from international waters (12 miles off the coast) instead of runways.  With that approach the drone does not have to interact with busy airport traffic and is far enough away from occupied land that if something fails, there will be no injuries.  

Natilus and Ottermatics have joined forces to start construction of a scaled prototype as a proof of concept demonstrator. The prototype will deliver 200 lbs of payload completely autonomously to the South Pole research station next summer.