Design studios operate at a cross roads of business, technology and the human experience.  Their expertise have been used to gain insight into hidden opportunities which enrich daily lives and leap businesses forward.   Since design studios operate in a variety of industries and are filled with multi-faceted individuals, they can disrupt the foundation of a market with an entrepreneurial perspective.   Companies have engineering and design departments, but most have trouble innovating since they operate in pipelines which foster product improvement instead of industry innovation.  


Ottermatics has a rockstar group of engineers and designers at your disposal.  Leveraging experience in the aerospace and defense industry, we have the know-how to create some of the most complex products on the market.  


Our technical strengths include:

  • Product design
  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Finding a Manufacturer
  • 3D printing services

Merging our technical expertise with our love for design breeds a pedigree of quality and elegance. We can help with:

  • Branding/logo
  • Website design
  • Artwork
  • Concept renderings

Rapid prototyping

Leveraging our aerospace background, we are familiar with bleeding edge rapid prototyping techniques. We utilize everything from LEGO sets, 3D printers, and boat building techniques to illustrate and test concepts at an early stage, saving our clients money before committing to tooling and large scale production runs.