LATITUDE28 Design is now Ottermatics / by Aleksey Matyushev

About a year ago, Latitude28 Design started bringing products onto the market and help entrepreneurs succeed.  We have done a lot in the past year, from launching Lightning Rabbit, triforce, a wine aerator (in the works) as well as continuing to grow our client base - it's been a busy year and it is not over yet.

With a lot going on in the past year, we realized that we were different than all the rest of the design studios in the country. We are scrappier, bolder and less boring than our competition.  We seem to do things quicker and operate on a leaner side of product design.  We wanted to make sure our clients and customers knew that, so we decided to re-brand as Ottermatics.

Ottermatics is Latitude28 Design re-imagined.  We have a new vision and way of doing business.  We want to make a dent in this world and industry - not play follow the leader.  We also want to drink a beer and have a lot of fun while doing that.

We are excited at the possibilities this new brand and vision offers the studio and our clients.