Sabine is Going Mini / by Aleksey Matyushev

We created Sabine for iPad to solve a common problem we were having, to stop cupping our hands behind the speaker to amplify the sound from the devices rear facing speaker.   Through countless prototypes, we were able to create Sabine, an elegant sound amplifier that not only delivered more than 6 times the sound amplification of plastic products, but also lived up to Apple design standards. With your wonderful support Sabine was funded way over our initial goal, reaching a final amount of 189% on Kickstarter . 

After such a successful Kickstarter campaign, we set our sights on the iPad's smaller brother, the iPad mini.  Today, we are proud to announce that we will be launching our Kickstarter project for Sabine (mini) on August 20th. The same elegant sound amplification designed with stereo capability and lightning connector in mind.