We are Makers. We are Lean. We are Design. 


Engineering is a core ability of Ottermatics. We are experts at breaking down a problem to its core components and solving each issue quickly.

Prototyping. Rapid prototyping, It's our bread and butter. We aim to solve problems on the same day they are discovered. With 3D printing, and computer models our designs take full advantage of modern technology


Automation. Software has changed our lives for better and for always. Ottermatics believes this so much that we ensure everyone who works in our company has strong skills in software.

Our motto is "If you do it more than three times, automate it"

Validation. From years of experience trying to start new business what we have learned is that plans are a waste of time. We seek to validate our assumptions as quickly as possible. 


Elegance. Our focus is always to combine only the essential elements that a product requires into something that is more than the sum of its parts.

Longevity. We believe that greatness lasts forever and we aim for our products to last just as long.

Aesthetic. Each design has its own function. It's form must suit it. We pride ourselves on finding ways to always make our products beautiful.