Ottermatics is a small Florida based design firm that takes a human-centered, lean-design approach to helping organizations succeed.  We envision new companies and brands, and we design the products and experiences that bring them to life.   Our products are designed with love and thought. Things that make the world a better place. Not just ordinary things, radically different things. 

Aleksey Matyushev

Principal Solutions Tinkerer 



When not chasing goats down the Swedish countryside, Aleksey enjoys relaxing by throwing his legs on the dinner table while drinking a glass of wine.  Aerospace Engineer by trade and superhero by night, Aleksey spends most of his nights alone in a dark corner inventing new products, pretending to understand Mandarin, and wearing his superhero cape.

Aleksey loves minimalism and enjoys exploring the bare necessities of product design. 

Kevin Russell

Chief Overanalyzer



Kevin spends most of his time Listening to Inspired Beats and thinking about Ultimate Frisbee. When he isn't covered in sweat or grass stains Kevin enjoys a rousing game of 'Drink the Beer'.

With expertise in Engineering and a passion for Math and Architecture, Kevin has probably has more boring books than is healthy to be around. 

Kevin likes beautiful things, but he's also driven to find solutions to Sustainability and Product Longevity. Finding that balance is his pursuit.



software junkie


When he’s not slaving away on Nohvy projects, you’ll find Bryan at the local Crossfit gym, the pool or a local bar knocking a few back with some scoundrels.  He enjoys moshpits, metal music and good wine.

If you’re extra lucky, he’ll take some time away from watching The Walking Dead or reading Dune to talk to you about Existentialism or other aspects of Philosophy which will change your life.  Bryan values people, relationships and experiences.